Monday, December 24, 2007

Take A Break - The Markets Will Still Be Here

Just writing a quick word today. Thanks to all that stop by and check this site out. It has been fun and my pleasure to provide some commentary on the comedy that is our financial world.

Take A Break - The Markets Will Still Be Here
I will resume posting on Wednesday this week. I am working on the 2008 prediction post. Prediction posts are the best because it really sets your position to be judged over time. Hopefully it will be helpful.

If anyone still needs a finance fix, the always great Karl Denninger has a good one up today, and he covers gold and miners in some detail:
I will be watching his prediction post very closely when it is up. You should too.

That's it. Have fun and holiday cheer.

Have a good several nights.


Anonymous said...

Hope you and everyone here had a nice holiday!


watchtower said...

I will be looking foward to KD`s future post concerning deflation in a fiat system.
I`ve always heard that there is one way to go, and that is to inflate or die, KD`s take on the subject should be thought provoking.

watchtower said...

I thought this was interesting, it` a post over at the Financial Sense website called "Not Your Fathers Deflation" by Peter Schiff:

You would have to cut and paste this as I do not know how to make a hyperlink yet. Even if a person doesn`t agree with Mr. Schiff, this article could cause you to look at some different angles.