Thursday, October 4, 2007

Foreclosures Equal Hurricanes? Welcome to Bizarro World!

I would imagine that if we were led by even moderately retarded people that make up our government, a sub 25% approval rating would cause them to think long and hard about opening their mouths. But no, we have what we have. Today we get a real gem (not a diamond in the rough but a fully polished laser inscribed dandy!) from Senator Chris Dodd (D):

"This crisis (mortgage foreclosures) is the equivalent of a slow-motion, 50-state Katrina, taking people's homes one-by-one, deva­stating their lives and destroying their communities"

The article that quotes him can be read here:

I think that this statement can stand on its own as far as being totally ridiculous. If the statement was just stupid, I would chalk it up to basic poor quality people that we get in government, but it also misses the root of the problem which is dangerous.

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